What’s new and coming soon in DGS Purchase & Sales

Do you buy or sell seafood? Maritech DGS Purchase & Sales is our best-of-breed cloud solution tailored for your processes. Read more about the new functionality that has recently been launched or is just around the corner.

Bringing global operations together

Seafood is a global industry with buying and selling operations often spread across multiple regions and countries. DGS Purchase & Sales, with a focus on traceability and digitalization, makes this process easy and efficient. It is fast to implement, easy to configure and simple to use. Right from the start, simplicity has guided, and continues to guide, innovations in our product design, development, implementation, and usability.

Multi-company operations – DGS Purchase & Sales now allows companies with multiple locations to coordinate inter-company sales and purchases, creating forecasts, transfers, purchases, and sales orders across company domains, with seamless and automated transfer of inventory records. Connected companies can share item, customer, vendor, and other master data registries in the multi company setup.

Currency Management – To safeguard against widely fluctuating currency exchange rates, companies often set up hedging contracts (either through a bank or through advance contract rates locked in at a specified currency rate). DGS has built-in workflow for managing currency contracts to make this process visible and enforced.

Seafood Logistics – Share and collaborate with suppliers, customs and export agents, transporters, and others without the need for additional software or sifting through multiple and inefficient email threads. Integrated with DGS Purchase & Sales, Maritech’s supply chain solution supports document flow and communication, invoice processing, price management and processing of customs documents. All changes are visible and traceable, which ensures correct data, simple documentation, and reduction in waiting time throughout the entire value chain. Documents related to shipments are made available to the carrier as soon as they are created, and the terminal has a full overview of incoming and outgoing goods and shipments. This makes it possible to handle sudden changes more efficiently, improving predictability and lowering costs.

Claims Management – Integrated with credit invoicing in DGS Purchase & Sales, claims management, with flexible rules definition, lets you process each item line claimed. Interaction with internal or external stakeholders, such as packing plants, producers, and transporters, is easy and efficient, from registration of a reason for the claim, assigning a person responsible and claim amounts, to processing by the stakeholder, in a customized user interface. Documents such as pictures, email and other relevant records are stored and linked to the case, so it’s easy to access when needed. Email templates can be customized and sent directly from the system with history. All communication can be handled and documented in the solution. Notifications can be set up to ensure prompt and efficient claims handling, from initial raising of a claim right through to the issuing of credit notes.

ATP and Invoice Management

ATP (Available to Promise) – Seafood specific inventory views can be broken out by size and quality grade (or any other user defined item attributes) so you can rapidly see what is on hand to sell. Plan for incoming catch or harvests with an integrated view of lines registered in purchase forecasts. You can create multiple customized templates for rapid access to differing on hand inventory views.

Invoice Management – Keep track of your margins and guard against freight over-billing by registering estimated overhead costs associated with purchases, sales, and transfers and then match against incoming actual cost invoices. Rules based functions let you set an acceptable tolerance range and alert you when that range is exceeded.

Items – Simplified setup and powerful user-defined attributes/dimensions. You can create multiple item families at once. An unlimited number of custom item dimension fields can be setup and added to items so you can track and report on any factors that are important to your operation.

Quality Certifications Management – Track and manage inventory with certified quality designations such as MSC or Global GAP, or others. You can set rules at the Vendor or Customer level to ensure items are tagged correctly and easily with the quality certificate information and readily visible at the time of sale. Tagged items are tracked from in-entry into inventory to final sale with their certification status, which cannot be altered.

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