The IoT visionaries

Since the LINSiGHT platform was developed, the goal has been to be among the leading providers of IoT solutions. As part of Maritech, the LINSiGHT team is now bigger and stronger than ever. 

LINSiGHT was developed in 2015 by the brothers Frode and Andre Lillebakk, in the company Lillebakk which they founded two years earlier. 

“It all started with Fræna municipality coming to us with a need for control of its water and sewage systems. We created a system for this, and quickly realized that this could be a scalable model that others can use for their services,” says our IoT Director Andre Lillebakk. 

Solid partners

The vision was to build an open, cloud-based IoT platform to give customers new value from man-made data and machine data. LINSiGHT has become an important tool for a number of companies and public actors in areas such as industry, energy, food production and municipal technology. 

“The business idea was, and is, to give our customers increased competitive advantage, profitability and sustainability by using existing technology. Our platform LINSiGHT is based on close collaboration with solid partners in various industries, which ensures that we are up to date at all times and at the forefront of technology,” says Lillebakk. 

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of hardware and smart devices equipped with electronics, software, sensors and networks that enable them to connect, collect, analyze, exchange data and take action before problems arise. IoT is a crucial factor for digital transformation and has long been predicted as the biggest technology trend to date, receiving massive attention both in the media and in business. 

The predictions are far from fulfilled yet. There is a great unused potential in the utilization of IoT. It can facilitate our working day, streamline the exchange of huge amounts of information, automate manual tasks and increase security. The societal benefits are great, both in terms of efficiency and sustainability. 

“We will be at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology within IoT. We will help our customers solve specific challenges they face in their everyday work. Everything from avoiding maintenance downtime, controlling water and drainage systems or controlling electrical equipment.” 

Smart cities

One of our partners is Multilux, which offers its customers the use of the LINSiGHT platform in a system for managing and monitoring infrastructure such as road and street lighting and water and sewer networks. Multilux’s solution has been named CitySight. The solution helps customers to avoid downtime in their systems, and gives full control over the condition of the equipment at all times. 

“Our customers can use CitySight to monitor the condition of several different infrastructure systems and detect possible problems before they cause damage and greater costs. Information is collected in real-time and can be structured to make timely decisions about measures to avoid downtime. A good management tool that can save large resources,” says Svein Ove Sunde, CEO of Multilux AS. 

Monitoring of network stations

Another example of the LINSiGHT platform in use is network station monitoring delivered to Smarthub AS. This is a turnkey monitoring solution that streamlines operations, identifies errors in real time, reduces operating costs and complies with government requirements. 

“With this network station monitoring, we get a more efficient operation. Manual tasks are automated and we have less need to physically pull out and control our web stations. Via the platform, we automatically collect information about what improvements must be made before it becomes a problem,” says general manager Svein Ivar Morsund. 

Integration with Maritech

In 2017, Maritech acquired 51% of Lillebakk. This provided great opportunities for competence exchange with an innovative company with solid shareholders. From 1 September 2020, Lillebakk merged into Maritech. 

Maritech today has a unique breadth of expertise with extensive experience in automation and system development from various industries. With a main emphasis on the seafood industry, we are together a forward-looking technology company that delivers software solutions and automation solutions to various industries.

“As part of Maritech, the seafood industry will of course be central in the future, at the same time as we will continue to focus on our LINSiGHT partner program and other industries such as municipal technology and energy. These are industries that we look forward to further collaboration with, and we see great opportunities through even more people discovering the opportunities that IoT represents. We are IoT visionaries who will be at the forefront,” Andre Lillebakk concludes. “Development is going furiously fast, and most things are now possible. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more and discuss the potential for your company or municipality, and we will explore what we can do together.” 


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