Sell and trace fish from your pocket

DGS Purchase & Sales gives you automation, operational agility and control.

DGS Purchase & Sales is a native cloud application that streamlines seafood procurement and sales from any device, anywhere. Our best of breed solution is optimized for your seafood processes. We can deliver a solution that fit your business better,  and can implement it faster and at a lower cost compared to other ERP vendors. 

Are you a trader?

The solution gives you total control of your inventory, what you have to sell, margin and your customers and vendors. Full and verifiable traceability from origin to customer, to comply with requirements from customer, government and certifications bodies. We automate your processes for importing data, as well as invoicing and document flow for more effective handling and reducing manual errors.  

Amongst the core features are industry-tailored item attributes, multiple units of measure and currency, manual entry or import from packing, inventory value, costing and margin control. Efficient box-level tracking and pricing ensure that orders flow through accurately on time and in margin.

Other main features:

  • Purchase with box/pallet level put away and inventory tracking.
  • Sales with box/pallet picking.
  • Inventory Dashboard for snapshot insight and decision making.
  • Analytics reports for deeper insight into up-to-the-minute pricing, margin, and sales trends. You get all the information you need in one dashboard.

Are you a seafood farmer?

DGS Purchase & Sales provides full cost control from slaughterhouse or packing plant to customer, and gives insight into all cost elements to optimize your processes. You receive data from the packing plant electronically provided with full traceability. Ensure you are selling your fish at the best possible market price using our pre-formatted market insight and analysis tools. 

To store and send documents and collaborate up and down the supply chain without additional software, the system includes DGS Document Service. The solution allows you to produce and maintain all required documents to work with vendors, customers, transporters, and other players in the supply chain rapidly, securely, and without additional software. You can add a CV to your LOT, and automatically link it to all related sales.

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Click here to watch the recording of our webinar about DGS Purchase & Sales from our international launch April 2nd, 2020.

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