The complete claims management solution

DGS Claims gives you control and overview of the claims process, simplifying all steps from registration to transmitting credit notes and debit purchases.

DGS Claims is a complete and collaborative claims management system, helping you to achieve better and more timely control over quality complaints and damaged shipments. Streamline the process and reduce claims throughout your distribution network by identifying under-performing elements of your supply chain through consistent metrics and analysis.

All communation in one system

Handling claims can be a time-consuming process with several different stakeholders involved. Rigid deadlines for notifications and documentation make it important to be able to manage the entire claim cycle end to end in one complete system. DGS Claims simplifies the whole process from initial registration to transmitting credit notes and debiting purchases. All communication between parties can take place within the system, so all history and pending transactions are also easily collected and documented in one place, increasing staff efficiency and speed of handling while reducing claims administrative costs overall.

Key benefits

  • Nimble handling process and unprecedented savings through reducing time spent both waiting for information and reminding the different stakeholders to respond using several other systems.
  • Make the correct decisions, improving pricing precision and customer insight through applying historical data easily generated with analytical and reporting tools.
  • DGS Claims is available in subscription per user per month. This gives you the flexibility to add additional users as your business grows without having to invest in expensive IT infrastructure. You may also easily customize your workflow, and apply several different types of roles if needed.
  • You can rest assured that your information is stored in our data centre with world-class reliability and security.
  • As a cloud solution, we take responsibility for hosting, backups, upgrades, etc. You do not have to worry about IT operations, which will give you more time to focus on your business.

Eliminate redundant data entry between multiple systems to reduce resource costs and shorten response times. All communication can be securely handled and documented in the solution, and notifications can be set up to further improve the user experience and shorten the time spent processing claims. Interaction with internal or external stakeholders, such as packing plants, producers, transporters is easy and efficient, from registration of reason, responsible actor and amounts, to processing by the stakeholder in a customized user interface. Comprehensive reporting tools provide you a good decision base, flexible enough to adapt to different needs. Dashboards provide a quick and easy overview of relevant KPI.

At a glance

  • Single sign-on
  • Set amount limits and stop revenue leakage through accurate claim validation processes
  • Notifications and Alerts – reduce losses due to late notification processing
  • Manage documentation and notes. Claims Registrations can include cause/reason, responsible party, internal notes, and the possibility of uploading photographs as proof of damages
  • Roles to interact with internal or external stakeholders
  • Flexibility to customize statuses and available choices for each role
  • Reports and dashboards provide a good overview of all complaints and claims for profitability analysis and process improvement


Integration of business systems provides a complete overview and helps streamline workflows. This reduces costs and staff can spend their time performing other activities that create real value. Set up your value chain with the Maritech portfolio.

• Integration to Maritech Trading or other ERP-systems

• Updated information in all systems, status, invoice and credit note number.

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