Five keys to efficient handling of seafood claims

Handling seafood claims can be a time-consuming and complex process with short deadlines. Learn how you can save time and improve your liquidity through efficient claims management.

Do you have full control over your seafood claims and damaged shipments? For most traders, the answer is no. The consequence is lost time and income due to unnecessary manual processes. Here is our best advice for smart and profitable claims management.

1. Ensure that you are making the correct decisions

Are you relying on facts or assumptions? Do you have easy access to relevant historical data through analytics or reporting tools? Knowing instead of assuming is key to improving your pricing precision and customer insight.

2. Automate the handling process

Eliminate manual routines related to transmitting credit notes and purchase returns, waiting for information and reminding the different stakeholders to respond. You will be rewarded with a nimble handling process, eliminate errors and unprecedented savings through reducing time spent.

3. Overview for control

To have full control you need a complete overview over all open cases, communication, documentation who you are waiting for and which factors may be delaying the process.

Make sure all communication is collected and documented in one place. The optimal solution is to communicate directly through the claims management system.

4. Holistic approach

Integration with other systems supports seamless data flow, communication and documentation. Make sure you have a holistic approach to your IT infrastructure, instead of ad hoc implementations. Furthermore, you need to focus on processes and involve the users and management in discussing system solutions, choice of software is no longer a matter for the IT department as an isolated unit.

5. Make sure you are able to manage your seafood claims in one complete system

Rigid deadlines for notifications and documentation requires seamless digital tools. Many companies are spending too much time and resources making their own systems, or combining CRM systems and quality systems to manage claims.

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