Maritech selected as new logistics partner for Nor-log Group

We are pleased to announce that Nor-log Group has chose Maritech as logistics software partner.

Maritech Systems AS today announces that the company has been selected as a supplier of logistics and transport management solutions to Nor-log Gruppen AS, implementing Timpex logistics and transport systems in all of its companies.

A complete systems delivery

The scope is a complete systems delivery that includes Timpex TMS (Transport Management System), Timpex CMS (Customs Management System), Timpex Confirm tracking tool and Timpex Connect communication solution. Maritech acquired Timpex in 2019, and has since delivered all systems in the Timpex portfolio and reinforced its market position in software solutions for the transport and logistics segment.

Nor-log Group consists of the companies Miniekspress Thermo, Miniekspress Tromsø, Miniekspress Finnmark, Suldal Transport and Nor-log Thermo (formerly Bring Frigo AS), which together comprise around 800 transport units and 18 terminals. Large parts of the fleet are adapted to temperature-controlled transport, and the group provides various types of transport and distribution services throughout Norway.

A comprehensive solution

“It has been crucial for us to find a comprehensive solution across our different companies,” says Lars Arne Brøttem, CEO of Nor-log Gruppen. “Nor-log Thermo, formerly Bring Frigo, joined the Nor-log Group last year and used Timpex systems from before. In the implementation phase following the acquisition, we worked closely with the logistics team at Maritech to get everything in place. This was a positive experience that contributed to the decision to introduce Timpex systems throughout the group. A big plus is that we experience Maritech as a partner with whom we can discuss issues with and also challenge each other, both to rethink  our processes and also their systems. For us, this competence and form of cooperation is as important as the systems themselves, something we had expectations about in the choice of partner.”

“We thank you for your trust and look forward to working further with Nor-log,” says Ove Gjelstenli, Sales Director, Logistics in Maritech. “We see a company who actively wants to develop and streamline operations through digital solutions. They are good at consolidation and add more expertise to us in this area. They are quality focused, innovative and forward-leaning. We are proud to be a partner to Norway’s largest transport company in temperature controlled goods.”


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About Nor-log Group

Nor-log Group AS is the parent company of a group consisting of local transport companies that form the basis for a strong national network for primarily temperature regulated transport and logistics solutions.The company owns all the shares in Suldal Transport AS, Miniekspress Transport AS and Nor-log Thermo AS (formerly Bring Frigo AS) collectively comprising approximately 800  modern transport units and 18  terminals.The group employs 530 employees and expects total turnover in 2021  of NOK 1.6 billion.