Cloud based innovation

We create DigitalSeafood

Maritech is now in the midst of lifting our software solutions to the cloud. DigitalSeafood (DGS) is our innovative suite of secure, cloud-based web solutions. 

The supply chain of seafood is probably the most complex of all supply chains in the world. 40 years of close cooperation with the seafood industry has provided us with in-depth understanding of seafood and its value chain.

Our innovative DigitalSeafood solutions offer new and easy ways to collaborate with suppliers, customers, 3rd party logistics, as well as quality control support right across the seafood value chain.

Detailed information

Seafood companies need to gather a wide range of information from both internal and external systems and make detailed information available throughout the distribution chain, from catch to arrival.

Facts about the origin of the fish, environmental aspects, quality and sustainability certification, and stock status is required information to ensure quality, correct distribution and to obtain the best price possible.  


To consistently meet stringent delivery commitments to some of the most competitive and demanding markets in the world, up to the minute information flow between sales staff, packing plants, and 3rd party providers is crucial.

Digital seafood efficiently gathers information from all operations and offers a huge potential for competitive advantage and revenue growth.

Ready to digitalize?

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