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From the beginning, Maritech decided to focus on innovation for the growing seafood industry. Today we are proud to be a leading international developer and provider of software solutions to seafood companies worldwide.

Averøy, Norway, 1975

A small island surrounded by sea and rough weather. And fish. Direct access to huge fishing grounds make the seafood industry the main source of income for the people on Averøy. Several seafood companies see the first light of day.

And so does Maritech, originally called Averøy Dataservice. The aim is to develop software solutions designed solely for the seafood industry.

Halifax, Canada, 1998

Maritech’s first international office opens, and in 2003 a new office is launched in Seattle, USA. The ambition to expand internationally is starting to evolve.


Some of the world’s largest seafood companies use our solutions. Our software solutions make it possible to control, track, and trace seafood products from their origin all the way to market. We provide forward thinking technology that targets and overcomes the barriers to sustainable and eco-responsible fish.


Four decades of experience has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the seafood value chain. Our strength is a unique blend of seafood industry and technology expertise. We know seafood.


Our business systems are currently being lifted to the cloud. We want to give our seafood clients a digital, competitive edge. We will enable digitalization and a digital business.

Because Maritech’s seafood data gives insight and creates value.

Innovator in seafood software


Maritech Analytics


Digitalization of Norwegian Seafood Transport project


Industrial IoT products




Fish Box Labeling Project (NS 9405:2014)


Postmodern ERP


Part of the EU project TraceFish


Maritech Trading


Anabas – a Core ERP for handling fish sales

1975 – 1993

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